Health Fad?

Am I the only one being bombarded by advertisements of health systems, diet menus and fitness clubs this month? It’s obvious that marketers are tapping into the new years resolutions craze that hits us every year. My guess is that they assume that more health-related resolutions are made than anything else, and they are probably right.

So, not wanting to be left out, I’ve made sort of a quasi-vegetarian diet resolution: I will only eat animals that are vegetarians:).

But seriously, I am concerned about health — mine and yours. Eternal health. So, again, I offer to you my Balanced Bible Menu. The Pillar College marketing department has updated and redesigned this handy, versatile way of reading the Scriptures that avoids the two main pitfalls of well-intentioned Bible readers.

But before continuing my own marketing campaign, I want to share an interesting finding from Thom Rainer’s short book Who Moved My Pulpit? Writing about the importance of leading from HOPE for pastors who are trying to lead their congregations through change, Rainer comments on Brad Waggoner’s insight in The Shape of Faith to Come. “The essence of the study is that the most mature Christians have one common trait: they read the Bible daily.” Rainer continues, “So it is with leaders as well. You can’t have hope if you’re not hearing from the Author of hope every day.” Leaders are readers, especially of the Bible.

Those who know me well know the two themes that grip my soul as I yearn for spiritual renewal in our day: biblical illiteracy and the loss of reverence that plague our nation increasingly with each generation. Denigrating the majesty of God and ignoring his Word will destroy our nation, as it has in other cultures and eras. That’s why I want you, as a mature follower of Christ, to use and encourage others to use the Balanced Bible Menu.

Here are the pitfalls it avoids: by scheduling you to read only five days per week, you will not give up because you fall behind. Use Saturdays and Sundays to catch up, if you need to. And, by having you read 4-5 chapters from Law, History, Writings, Prophets, and New Testament, each week you will have a variety of content without losing track of the contexts. You won’t get spiritually starved in the wilderness of Leviticus, or mesmerized by the genealogies of 1 Chronicles because the next day you will move onto another section that will be more nourishing.

So, if you’d like an electronic copy or one or more printed copies of my Balanced Bible Menu, please let me know by responding to this Upfront.