About Dr. Schroeder

Church, missions and Christian higher education have been the arenas of Dr. Schroeder’s ministry since the mid 70’s. In August of 2007, he was appointed to be president of Pillar College (formerly Somerset Christian College).

A graduate of Nyack College, Manhattanville College, New York Theological Seminary and New York University, Dr. Schroeder served churches in New York, New Jersey, and England.  On the missional front, he has served overseas and at home with the Christian and Missionary Alliance, Trans World Radio and International Teams, and continues preaching ministries in Latin America, Africa, Asia, and Europe.

In Christ-centered higher education, David’s first passion, he has served as director for Higher Education for the C&MA, and has been president of Philadelphia Theological Seminary, Nyack College and Alliance Theological Seminary, and Pillar College. During his twelve years at Nyack, the college and seminary grew from 700 to 3100 students, expanded to six extension sites and developed ten new graduate programs. But more importantly, thousands of students were trained to be “worshipping warriors.”

Through a ministry he began in 1986 known as MasterWorks, David enjoys speaking at retreats and seminars for men, using some of the ten books he has written. Betzi and David have been married for more than four decades, have raised three children and are spoiling eight grandchildren.